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Bus advertising equipment development trend analysis

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Bus advertising equipment referenced in the advertising industry, divided into indoor and outdoor two forms. Now there have been some three advertising UV flatbed machine equipment can also be used in the advertising industry, cutting plotter, engraving machine, and so on. Transit advertising device is the next new emerging media propaganda model, to the vast number of transport links, so as to achieve the effect of publicity.

Bus advertising equipment in accordance with the demands of the people automatically draw graphics computer output information in graphical form the output device, it can be. Draw a variety of management charts and graphs, geodetic maps, architectural design, circuit wiring diagrams, a variety of mechanical drawing and computer-aided design. The most common is the XY plotter.

Modern plotter intelligent features, with its own microprocessor, you can use the drawing commands, lines, and characters arithmetic processing and self-detection. Generally connected to the computer plotters, also can be equipped with a variety of standard interfaces.

Domestic normal plotter plotter graphics software, with complex, precise graphics are a graphic hard copy output device, a variety of computer-aided design and drawing pen plotter performance indicators indispensable tool for outdoor LED advertising display quantity, drawing size, resolution, the interface tables and graphic language.

Plotters offer generally drive motor, interpolation, control circuit, drawing, penholder, mechanical drive components. Plotter addition to the necessary hardware equipment, but also must be equipped with rich graphics software. A combination of software and hardware combination.

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