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Advertising tower structure construction process description

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Advertising tower foundation engineering Foundation will be based on site topography, geological conditions, the use of hand-dug belled piles, three billboards placed in the bottom third layer of clay foundation. Mining, and support the use of cell wall drainage measures to ensure that the pile hole forming and safety of construction workers. Excavation is completed and experience trough immediately after the laying of 100mm thick gravel cushion, soak steel skeleton, and promptly poured concrete foundation, embedded bolts, foundation reinforcement mesh top, pouring to the design elevation, its 20mm thick top surface needs to be a : 3 cement mortar, and then locate the bolt and base plate stamped. Be based on the provisions of the concrete curing period, you need to pull out tests to confirm embedded anchor bolt pullout capacity to meet the design requirements.

All steel construction steel welded connections, the upper structure is produced by the factory. Steel columns with steel plates welded together at the factory, the upper truss structure can be welded in the factory: when the main frame beam welding is completed, the entire upper structure should be formed so that the corresponding load test to verify the quality of the weld strength of the main skeleton: advertising towers panel frame and galvanized iron plate splicing, in the main skeleton of the ground contact welding, so as to correct unevenness of the panel surface, control the overall appearance of the upper structure.

Lifting Positioning Single Column billboards column and the upper structure at the factory after transport to the scene to conduct an overall docking. On the ground to form the overall billboards, two cranes from the top, the bottom two overall lifting crane installation place. Lifting ad, two transit from two mutually inclined in a direction perpendicular to the correct positioning. Vertically, in each direction should be controlled at h/2000 (h is the height billboards) or smaller, and less than 20mm. Fastening bolts positioned, at the appropriate time, pouring plain concrete sealed to prevent corrosion of the exposed bolts. Billboard is completed, after several typhoons, its vertical and displacement requirements are met, than similar billboards, the total cost savings of 20%. Has been put into commercial use.

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