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Forms of outdoor advertising light box advertising position

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Outdoor advertising refers to the open air or outdoor public places information to consumer advertising object. As a huge billboard advertising, various forms of outdoor advertising posters, colorful neon signs, traffic stops and shelters the head nightfall, roads boxes advertisements. These open forms of advertising, ie over three outdoor advertising, the English called the door, called OD ad.

In the form of outdoor advertising

1. Signs advertising: In the middle of outdoor advertising, advertising signs most typical.

Signs from its beginning to today, its media characteristic curve is always consistent. It is characterized by a build in the city center location, location better, more pedestrians, and thus the effect produced by advertising the stronger. Therefore, the specific circumstances of the road signs, its target is in the dynamic of the pedestrian, so signs multi-screen text to chart form, striking picture, text, refining, people understand at a glance, with a quick visual impression capture results. Now signs advertising trend is the gradual introduction of computer design printing (direct printing or computer), and its eye catching vivid screen, three-dimensional sense of strong, reproduce the charm of goods for establishing product (brand) 'is the image of the city's most effective, and post exchange and convenient. Use of materials with rain, sun protection.

2. Neon: neon lighting types of outdoor advertising is the main form of advertising, which is characterized by the use of new media technologies, new methods, new materials, expressed in the form of light, color, dynamics, etc., to attract the audience's attention, thereby improving acceptance rate information. Neon is generally set in the city's highest point, the building roof and facade etc. stores prominently. Not only does it play a daytime advertising signs, signs advertising the role, even at night, said its vivid colors, the role of urban landscape dotted effect.

3. Public transport advertising type: Public Transportation category advertising outdoor advertising such as travel advertising is relatively frequent use of various media, and its role in the dissemination of information can not be ignored. Advertisers can use these ads repeatedly pass information to the public, so it is one kind of high-frequency mobile advertising medium. Especially public transport vehicles to and from the city center on the main street in front of the rear side of the vehicle or to advertise, wide coverage, advertising effect is particularly strong. The outdoor advertising mostly still use the traditional form of painting paint, combined with some computer print laminator approach.

4. Advertising light boxes beautifully produced, is a veteran of the outdoor advertising an important supplement

Advertising light boxes, lamp posts, tower ads, street clocks advertising and shelter advertising media features is the use of light to light film, poster paper, flexible material illuminate to form single-sided, double-sided, 3 or 4 side facing the light ad. The appearance of the advertisement, the picture is simple, visual effects are particularly good.

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