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Advertising light district and community outreach programs

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Scrolling important new community in suburban settings, the senior community an important entrance and surrounding counties each size of area. Have a very strong visually intuitive, continuity, persistence, night comes the light source and cost-effective features. Compared to the rest of the outdoor media, community Lightbox three advertising published environmental elegant, no nuisance, it is easy to leave a deep impression on those who fight. Owners who live in the district, at least twice per day income communities, community advertising light boxes can not prevent the owners of at least twice broke into the line of sight, and constantly deepen the impression that the owners of the product, played strong advocate results.

Community Lightbox strengths: a new community Scrolling with traditional television, newspapers and other public media, compared with the weird upper hand.

A recent distance, the most extensive areas of policy cage cover:

Community Lightbox cage cover the vast majority of senior communities, and these communities are gathered will be above the middle of the main consumption crowd. Residential light boxes located in the community of the best visual status of the main entrance, to the first time the advertising messages communicated to close Pan Bo audience, and your audience to do the most direct exchange and communication.

Two, gentle, non-publication of environmental nuisance:

Compared to the rest of the outdoor media, community box advertising published environmental elegant, no nuisance, it is easy to leave a deep impression on those who fight.

Third, the freedom and flexibility of the announcement:

Announced plans to flexibly, according to the needs of customers, sub-regional, line and time to set useful advertising publication planning, joint business promotional acts. This is the traditional television and newspaper advertising can accomplish.

Four, forcing visual impact and high exposure rate:

Amateur dimensional scheme, similar to the distance of the visual, making the community feel more visual light box advertising striking force, and in the community without nuisance advertising environment, consumers are more visual pause in the advertising screen, community residents every day, at least four times to close support the community, community media also broke into at least four times their vision of the time, so it has very high exposure rate.

Five continuous uninterrupted long timeliness:

Continuous four hours at night lit by spineless properly conducted mediation to reach households schedule synchronization with the community advocacy advertising, as promised regardless of the day is still the night was very good advertising can play an advocacy. Especially at night lit light boxes under the picture in the dark scenes easier to absorb force and meticulous approach customer groups.

Six, the minimum capital investment, the largest advertising revenue:

With television, newspapers and other traditional media advertising spend a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars in advertising analogy, light box advertising expense called the community is very low. A newspaper advertisement at the cost of a box a year in advertising, television advertising expense is really amazing. And in newspapers, television commercials flooding the years, has become a low rate of traditional media browsing fatal outcome is very short advertising is low. The community relies on its low-light box is the cost, timeliness and long persecution of advertising messages play rate, as the implementation of the most cost effective advertising foreword.

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